When I started the “Our Barberton” project almost 2 years ago, I never thought it would have grown to the size it has now. The project has a dedicated weather station, a dedicated police scanner, 32 beacons, and even its own data center.

As the founder of the project, I felt obligated to keep the project going but it has grown to the size I can no longer manage. I have decided to reassign and repurpose of the project to ease the burden and provide a central directory for [all] Barberton information from multiple sources.

What is changing?

The website will no longer serve its own featured articles or news stories. Instead, the website will index and collect and serve a directory of information from different sources. These sources include local news, local journals, and even the City of Barberton’s website. The goal is to automate the system and turn the website into a central search engine so to speak.

The site will help others be more successful but indexing the content and back link creating a better SEO rank. I have also taken into consideration the inbound aspect and all content will be hosted on the original source servers. This website will redirect users to the original website instead of displaying the content here. This will ensure creators gain the traction of this site while still maintaining a profitable platform.

The Mobile Application

The “Our Barberton” mobile application will be updated to reflect the changes to the website. The app will still contain the police scanner and weather data. It will also feature articles from sources that allow content to be displayed.

The changes are expected to be finished shortly after the new year. If there are any questions, please contact me on Facebook or Email at justin@justin-greer.com.

Thank you to everyone that made this project possible. We will continue to grow and create a new standard in Barberton, Ohio.

Justin Greer
The Our Barberton Project Founder


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